​Current Announcements

Sept. 25    6:30     Mini Recital---Bonaventure

Sept. 27    10:30   Mini Recital---Studio    


Oct. 10   7:00  John Pickett Beethoven Sonatas concert

St. John's Episcopal Church (20th/Capitol Way)

Oct. 24    all day    Master lessons with Jay Mauchley​

Oct.  25    10:30     Mini Recital---Studio

Nov. 1    afternoon      Harvest Festival Recitals

Nov. 8    4:00     Formal Recital---St. John's Episcopal Church (20th/Capitol Way)

Nov. 11    2:00     Veteran's Day Mini Recital--Bonaventure (no school)

Dec. 6   all day     Concerto Festival (SPSCC)

Dec. 7   10:00    Christmas Forest--Red Lion

Dec.  13 10:30, 11:15   Mini Recital--Christmas Cookie Exchange

Dec. 13 TBA Play Christmas Music at Haggens

Olympia Piano is proud to offer musical education of the highest caliber to students of all ages in the Olympia area. 

Currently there are no openings in the studio for Fall 2014.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me to see if we can find a creative solution that may suit your needs, or to get a referral for a trusted colleague.

Private Piano Lessons in the Olympia Area

Collaborative Piano and Accompanying