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​​​​​​​​​ State Solo/Ensemble 2018



 I am currently booking for the state Solo/Ensemble competition on April 28, 2018.  

Information about fees and rehearsal location is located in the white box at the bottom of this page.  


Panorama Recital is Thursday, April 19 at 6:30.

At this time, please send me an email with the following information:

1.  Your name and contact information, including the best way to reach you
2.  Your school and teacher
3.  How many rehearsals you would like
4.  The name and composer of your musical selection. (metronome markings are helpful too),   360-628-4505 (phone/text)

The BEST way to reach me is by email or text.  ​,   360-628-4505 (phone/text)

The BEST way to reach me is by email or text.  



*********Please let me know if you are ever available during weekday morning hours between 9:00 and 11:00

 because I am open many mornings a week and would love to work with you then!


Thank you!  Rehearsals will take place in my home studio, please click here for location.


I do not travel for rehearsals.


Wed. 4/1111:30 Fuchsia Dexter
Wed. 4/115:30  
Wed. 4/116:00 Alec Jacoby
Fri. 4/134:00Jonathan Holder
Fri. 4/134:30 Hannah Wells
Fri. 4/135:00 Clara Dahmer
Tues. 4/173:30 
Tues. 4/174:00 Leah Ramiah 
Tues. 4/174:30KayLi Watness
Wed. 4/183:45 
Wed. 4/184:15 
Wed. 4/185:30Alex Ammons 
Wed. 4/186:00Alec Jacoby
Thurs. 4/193:15  Fuchsia Dexter
 Thurs 4/194:15KayLi Watness
Fri. 4/204:00Hannah Wells
Fri. 4/204:30Leah Ramiah
Fri. 4/205:00 Paul Duncan
Tue. 4/24 MINI3:45 Leah Ramiah
Tue. 4/24 MINI4:00 Leah Ramiah(?)
Tue. 4/24 MINI4:15 
Tue. 4/24 MINI4:30 
Tue. 4/24 MINI4:45 
Wed. 4/25 MINI5:30 Fuchsia Dexter
Wed. 4/25 MINI5:45 Paul Duncan
Wed. 4/25 MINI6:00Alec Jacoby
Wed. 4/25 MINI6:15Clara Dahmer
Wed. 4/25 MINI6:30Alex Ammons
Thur. 4/26 MINI3:15Jonathan Holder
Thur. 4/26 MINI3:30Leah Ramiah




Fees and other information for Solo/Ensemble 2018

Total fee due for this service is based on the number of rehearsals plus the fee for the event itself, and sometimes a surcharge for difficult accompaniment.  Most students have either one or two rehearsals. 


Fee breakdown

Rehearsals $30/per rehearsal (30 min)

Mini Rehearsals $15 (15 min)

April 28 State Solo/Ensemble Event $45

Travel Fee for State is $20 per student.

Extra performances (such as studio recitals or run-throughs at school) $25 per event,

*no extra charge for my volunteer activities (recitals), please see below.

*Fee also includes recitals at local retirement communities where my students perform on a regular basis.  

Because these recitals are included in my yearly volunteer activities, there is no extra charge to you for participating.

Difficult accompaniment surcharge $25-40 (only applies if you are playing a piece for state that is different than the regional OR if I didn't play for you for regional and your piece applies). 


All rehearsals will take place at my home studio. I do NOT travel for rehearsals.  Please click here for studio location.


Payment is DUE on or before the final rehearsal.