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Fees and other information for

State Solo/Ensemble 2016


Fee breakdown

Rehearsals $30/per rehearsal (30 min)

Mini Rehearsals $20 (20 min)

April 30th Solo/Ensemble Event $45

Extra performances (such as studio recitals or run-throughs at school) $35 per event

‚ÄčTravel charge for state $25

Difficult accompaniment surcharge $25-40 

(this would apply to very difficult piano parts that may take significant extra time to learn.  Brahms sonatas, certain Beethoven sonatas, many modern brass and woodwinds pieces.)

*Once you get me the name of your repertoire, I will be able to tell you right away if this surcharge would apply and how much it would be.


All rehearsals will take place at my home studio. I do NOT travel for rehearsals.  Please click here for studio location.


Payment is DUE on or before the final rehearsal.  



Voice Rehearsals for 6/8 recital

Extra rehearsal slots are listed below.  They are 15 min. each.  Please send me an email at

with your preferred time, or text me at 360-628-4505.




 Mon. 6/34:45 April
 Mon. 6/35:00Beth
 Tue. 6/43:30 Grace
 Tue. 6/43:45  Lillian
 Wed. 6/55:00 Anne
 Wed. 6/55:15 AnnMarie/Hannah
  Wed. 6/55:30Hannah/AnnMarie




Thank you!  Rehearsals will take place in my home studio, please click here for location.