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Sign up for Feb. 2-4, 2018



OMTA teachers, thanks for being flexible with sign ups.


Master lesson teachers are:  Oksana Ezhokina (PLU) and Leonard Richter (Walla Walla University Emeritus)


I will fill this schedule in on a first-come first-served basis and will be scheduling an initial maximum of 3 hours with each teacher, and will fill in accordingly afterwards.


Please send me an email to with your most preferred slots (up to 3 hours) and I will do my best to match your availability.


I will strive to update this twice daily.  


Payment due in full by January 25, 2018.


P.S.  I will need to build in breaks and lunch, etc. but this should be a good starting point, I feel confident we can make it work within 30-45 minutes of your selected times.  





Fri. Oksana

up to 8 hrs

Fri. Leonard

up to 5 hrs

Sat. Oksana

up to 8 hours

Sat. Leonard

up to 5 hours

Sun. Oksana

up to 9 hrs

11:00 NOAmyR. AllenBrooke 
11:30 NOAmyR. AllenBrooke 
12:00  AmyR. AllenBrooke 
12:30  AmyR. AllenBrooke 
1:00Lynn LewisJ Bowmanlunchlunchlunch 
1:30Lynn LewisJ Bowman AmylunchBrooke 
2:00J. Bowman J BowmanAmyLorraineBrooke 
2:30J. Bowman  travelLorraineBrooke 
3:00Lynn LewisSueDennisAmyBrooke 
3:30Lynn LewisR. AllenDennis
4:00 DennisR. AllenMJ ClarkeAmyBrooke 
4:30 DennisR. AllenMJ ClarkeAmyBrooke 
5:00 Pat (?)R. AllenMJ ClarkeNOBrooke 
5:15 Pat (?)NOMJ ClarkeNOLorraine 
6:00  NONO MJ ClarkeNOLorraine 
6:30 NONO Sue DickNOLorraine 
7:00  NO  Sue Dick Lorraine 
    Sue Dick Lorraine