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Jury Fees are as follows:

$25 one piece, $30 two pieces, $35 three or more pieces.

Voice class is $10.

Assessment Juries $50*need to schedule assessment jury BEFORE 11 a.m. on May 20.  

Rehearsal for jury is required, performance class does not count as jury rehearsal.

I need to have all music at least one week before the jury.

Payment due at jury rehearsal.


Rehearsal location is Dr. Brown's studio in MBR on Friday and Dr. Ezhokina's studio on Monday.

If these times are impossible for you, you are more than welcome to come to my studio in Olympia to rehearse.  

It takes about 35 minutes to get to Olympia. 


PLU Voice Juries Spring 2019


 Jury rehearsals will take place in Dr. Brown's studio on Friday, May 10 between 9-12:30

and in Dr. Ezhokina's studio Monday, May 13 between 8-11:30.

Please contact me ASAP in an EMAIL to set up a jury rehearsal.

In your email to me please include:


1.  Your name/teacher

2.  Your repertoire:  # of pieces, names of pieces, and KEY (so I can let you know if I need it)

3.  Your contact info:  email/phone/text

4.  Your preferred rehearsal slots--please look at calendar below and give me 3 options.  

I will be inserting rehearsals on a first-come, first-served basis.  I hope to update the schedule at minimum once daily.

IMPORTANT:  Assessment jury students please sign up for 2 consecutive spots  or text 360-628-4505






Student Name

Fri. May 109:00  
Fri. May 10
9:15 Meagan Gaskill 
Fri. May 109:30  Gillian Dockins 
Fri. May 109:45  
Fri. May 10
10:00  Alivia Jones 
Fri. May 1010:15  Emily Shane 
Fri. May 1010:30  Chase Alm  
Fri. May 1010:45 TJ Wheeler 
Fri. May 1011:00  Sean Kilen 
Fri. May 1011:15    
Fri. May 1011:30 Tristan Wenceslao 
Fri. May 1011:45 Chloe Rust 
Fri. May 1012:00 Rachel King 
Fri. May 1012:15  Matthew Berger 
Mon. May 138:00Brent Johnson 
Mon. May 138:15 Brent Johnson 
Mon. May 138:30  TJ Wheeler 
Mon. May 13
8:45  Ian Rice 
Mon. May 139:00  Ben Merrill 
Mon. May 13
Mon. May 13
9:30  Emily Powell 
Mon. May 13
9:45  Jessica Swanson
Mon. May 1310:00  Sarah Fox
Mon. May 1310:15  Emily Groseclose
Mon. May 1310:30   
Mon. May 13
10:45  Trevor Kytola
Mon. May 13
11:00  Duncan Kass
Mon. May 13
11:15  Jillian Costello