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Pioneer Elementary PTA Arts Enrichment


In 2017-2018, the Pioneer PTA is pleased to sponsor additional arts enrichment for our classrooms in the form of music, visual art, movement and drama.  

During the last two academic years, almost half of our classrooms participated in these additional educational opportunities during the school day.


This year, we are pleased to be able to continue this program and offer ongoing education in visual art, music, drama and movement.

The late spring session will be 7-8 weeks long:  April 16-June 19.  


The next Arts Enrichment Showcase night is JUNE 19 from 2:00 - 2:45.  Theme is IMAGINATION.


To secure the times that best work for your classroom, please take a look at the weekly offerings below and

send Jennifer Bowman an email at:  with your preferred time choices for each teaching artist.  

The format is a little bit different than last year.  Instead of specific dates, there is a weekly calendar with the same slots with the same teachers each week.  

Please see the example below (Thursday) of how regular dates vs. specific dates will be notated.  

Teachers and grades will be notated by initial and grade.  For example Joel Lang Principal would be (JLP).  

Slots are coded by color:  Theater/Drama/Mindfulness is RED, Music is BLUE, Visual Art--sign up directly with Julia (not on calendar below).  


As the requests are received, I will strive to update the schedule at least once daily.  

Please feel free to sign up for all of your 8 week session slots at this time.  



All of our teaching specialists are creative individuals who are thrilled to make a difference in education through the arts.  

Each and every one is willing to work together with you on projects that you feel would be beneficial to your classroom,

or on ways you can enhance your other curriculum through the arts.  

​It is absolutely okay to sign up for multiple disciplines during each week, in fact that is the hope.  


Teachers, thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity, students and parents really love the arts enrichment,

and kids talk about their experiences at home!  


Spring PTA Arts Enrichment--VISUAL ART

Visual art sessions are a little bit longer and scheduled directly with Julia Cereghino.  

Please contact Julia to find a slot that works best for your schedule.


Spring PTA Arts Enrichment--MUSIC

Teaching artists are:  Julie Funchion (JF), Karen Georghiu (KG), Miya Higashiyama(MH) and Jennifer Bowman (JB)


Spring PTA Arts Enrichment--THEATRE

Teaching artists are Rebecca Rogers and Karen Georghiu



selected dates

JLP 10/5, 10/19, etc


every week of session

JLP 10/5 - 11/16

    MH 9:30   JF 9:30 
    MH 10:00DH (K) (4/18-6/15) KG 10:30 AH3JF 10:00 K (K) (4/20-6/15)
    MH 10:30 RM (K) (4/18-6/15)KG 11:00 JF 10:30


    MH 11:00 AS (1) KG 11:30 JF 11:00 
    KG 10:30 AH 3KG 12:00


JF 11:30 
    KG 11:00 KG 12:30  JF 12:00 
    KG 11:30 KG 1:00  JF 12:30 
    KG 12:00 KG 1:30   
    KG 12:15RD3 (4/18-6/15)    
    KG 1:00 JB 10:15 SO3 (4/19-6/15) 


    KG 1:30 KH1 (4/18-6/15)    
    JB 10:30MV2 (4/18-6/15)   RR 9:50 MV2 (4/19-6/15) RR 11:30 
  RR 12:00


      RR 10:30  RR 12:30


      RR 11:00  RR 1:00JDM2
       RR 11:30  RR 1:30DHK
        RR 2:00