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Pioneer Elementary PTA Arts Enrichment


 The Pioneer PTA is pleased to sponsor additional arts enrichment for our classrooms

in the form of music, visual art, movement and drama again for the 2018-2019 school year.


During the last three academic years, almost half of our classrooms participated in these additional

educational opportunities during the school day.


Music, drama, movement and mindfulness classes will start the week of October 8 and run through December 18.

There will be no big arts showcase, but rather if a class wants a culminating event, please feel free to work directly with your arts teacher on that project.   Please note that all arts teachers are more than willing to work together with classroom teachers on

current themes or study topics and enhance these with music or drama.  




To secure the times that best work for your classroom, please take a look at the weekly offerings below and

send Jennifer Bowman an email at:  with your preferred time choices for each teaching artist.  

​It is absolutely okay to sign up for multiple weekly times with different people. 


Also just to get the schedule down on paper, I have organized the classes on the half hour.  

Arts teachers are willing to do sessions ranging from 15-60 minutes and can revise class start/end times  

as necessary to suit the lunch and recess schedule, just let me know what the start/end times are when you sign up!






Fall PTA Arts Enrichment--VISUAL ART

Julia Cereghino will be offering BOTH after school art classes as well as in-class projects through the year.

She will be working with one to two grades at a time, and will reach out when she is going to start your grade!


Fall PTA Arts Enrichment--MUSIC

Teaching artists are:  Julie Funchion Sandvig (JFS), Karen Georghiu (KG),

Miya Higashiyama (MH) and Jennifer Bowman (JB)


Fall PTA Arts Enrichment--THEATRE

Can include drama, improvisation, mindfulness and movement

Teaching artists are Rebecca Rogers (RR) and Karen Georghiu (KG)









12:00  9:00 12:00 12:00 
12:30  9:30 12:30 12:20 Hughes (3)
1:00  10:00 Kilborn (K)1:00 1:00Johnson (2)
1:30  10:30 Muzatko (K)1:45Moore (2)1:30Raedel (1)
2:00   2:05Martin (1)2:00 
2:30    2:30 2:20Deselle (2)


  KG JB   
  10:00 Martin (1)8:45 O'Donnell (3)  
  10:35Moore (2)    







Parents and students recognize that you are working very hard to accomplish

so many things on behalf of Pioneer families.  


As district and state arts programs continue to get cut and lose funding,

we (PTA) thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to incorporate some arts into

the lives of these elementary students!