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Welcome to the rehearsal sign up schedule 

for Tuned In Academy Festival on March 28. 

Please sign up for a 20 minute rehearsal spot by taking a look at the schedule below, choosing your top two slots and sending me an email to with that information.  

In your email please include your name, contact information and two choices as I will be entering

the information on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sorry but you can not type directly into this form.  

Mon. 3/235:00Celena
Mon. 3/235:20Allie
Mon. 3/235:40Mila
Mon. 3/236:00Elsie

Tue. 3/244:30
Tue. 3/244:50
Tue. 3/245:10
Tue. 3/245:30
Tue. 3/245:50Norah

Rehearsals take place at my home studio, 1826 Allegro Dr. SE.  When you arrive at my home please do not come to the front door, but rather come around the right hand side of the house to the back studio entrance.  or 360-628-4505

‚ÄčI look forward to working together!